123Smile offers the community an alternative to the traditional chocolate fundraising drive. This healthier alternative will raise funds for schools, kindergartens and playgroups while providing participants with a photobook that will forever capture those precious moments.
Our approach is a much safer option than traditional fundraising events because the participants don't have to interact or be responsible for the money that they generate through their fundraising efforts.
  • 123Smile will provide a secure website and phone line to take orders.
  • We supply Posters and Flyers for students to hand out to the community.
  • Your fundraising customers go to a secure website to purchase their photobooks. If they don't have internet access they can phone in and place an order.
  • We'll deliver to the customer a voucher for each photobook they purchased. They can purchase a voucher for themselves or even as a gift.
  • The charitable funds raised will be deposited into your organisation's bank account.
This exclusive fundraising concept is superior to other fundraising options for the product has a large target audience with customers buying on average (2.7 vouchers per purchase.) Additionally, your business or school will be receiving 25% of the takings.
For more information about our fundraising solutions please call our office on 03 8080 7980 or email